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Writer's Block: Brush with stardom

Have you ever stumbled across a celebrity in your daily life? Was it more or less exciting than you would have expected? Do you have any interest in meeting media stars?

Three times:

1) Ethan Hawke - I bumped into him on the subway in NYC.  Literally bumped into him.

2) Bill Maher - He was having drinks at the Algonquin Hotel lobby.  My SO and I were pretending to be fancy and were drinking there too.

3) Mike Meyers - He frequents this bar in the Lower East Side that I go to on occassion.  He was eating a sandwich and looked pretty relaxed.

Neither of these three were all that exciting, which is what I expected.  I don't think I'm the type of person who really cares.  I was a bit excited about Ethan Hawke as I was new to working in the city and it was my very first celebrity sighting.  In NYC, I probably have crossed paths with other celebrities but have failed to notice...which is probably why celebrities like to hang out in New York.  They can blend in and nobody thinks about it.