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Ok, you might think I'm crazy but I seriously believe that the apocalypse is upon us.

In the past year or so, there have been several events that - to me - seem almost biblically prophetic in nature.  I know what you're thinking: Kristin, you've read too many apolocalyptic novels and destruction folklore/myth, it's making you see fiction where there is only strange facts.

Fair enough but humor me anyhow.

1) The Weather.  Don't even pretend like you haven't noticed how hodge podge fucked the weather has been in the past year, let alone the past few years.  I remember the winter of my senior year, there was a stretch of a few days when it was really warm out even though we were in the dead of the coldest month.  This stretch lasted long enough to make the trees bud tiny little flowers.  In the middle of January.  I thought then that it seemed to hint at something large and sinister taking place in nature, in the universe.

Plus we've had these blizzards.  If it wasn't so cold out, they would have been raging storms, a dark sign always.  Maybe it was because I was raised Catholic in a weird church but I have always associated strange weather patterns with God.  God makes fire falls from the sky, makes the sun disappear behind the moon (I guess God is a Pink Floyd fan), causes the world to be flooded over, basically turns nature against man.  And if it's not any Western concept of God that's doing it, it's someone or something else.  Every culture talks about the weather and the cruelty of nature through gods, spirits, demons, whathaveyou.

2) Obama is president.  Take this whole paragraph with a grain of salt.  I'm not implying what you think I'm implying.  Anyway, my dad once read this Christian fictional series about the rapture.  In it, the anti-christ comes to earth disguised as a powerful charismatic politician.  Now, I don't think Obama is the anti-Christ whatsoever.  Not what I am saying.  However, I find it interesting that he shares a lot of those characteristics that defined the anti-Christ character in the book series.  But Obama definitely shows more weakness.  He reminds me of a Faustian type character in a way.  Something tragic and brilliant.  But the whole story of Obama also to me sounds odd sometimes.  A young ambitious black politician quickly rising to complete power.  A president who is haunted by his celebrity status.  I don't know, something sinister rings inside of the story.

3) Earthquakes.  Need I say more?  Two huge ones not too far apart from one another.  One of which alters the earth's axis.  Strange strange strange.

4) Two of the oldest people in America (including the absolute oldest) died within hours of one another the other day.  That is so rare, I wonder what the odds were for it.  To me, this has the making of a myth.  Two old and wise prophets dying as if something is taking them.  Reminds me of the stories of Methuselah and Enoch.  Kind of.

5) I stick by this even though people think I'm kidding.  The show Jersey Shore.  There is something so horrific about it that makes me certain that it signifies some deep conflict in the universe.  In Watchmen, Ozzy can see deeper patterns by watching TV essentially.  He can see an underlying theme beneath the surface.  Well, the underlying theme I see in Jersey Shore is one of destruction.

6) One of the Corey's died.  Michael Jackson died.  Farrah Fawcett died.  Billy Mays died.  Lots of people are dying.  Lots of people die every day but between several icons dying and who even knows how many dying from earthquakes, these deaths are a little bit outside of the normal every day stuff.

I don't know.  I don't know if any of this means anything but these are observations I have been making.

In other news, remember Matisyahu?  The Hasidic Jew who reggaes about God?  Had that song on the radio "King Without a Crown."  Zvi doesn't like him.  But I like that song.  It's a little romantic and sexy for me even though it's about God.  There's a line, "Want to be close to you, yes I'm so hungry."  Makes me think of Zvi.  Another great line: "You're a slave to yourself and you don't even know."  I know it's a religious sentiment but I feel like it applies to non religious things too.  Anyway, Matisyahu.. I think he's hot.  Sincerely hot.  What is with me and Jewish guys?  I remember this at Rutgers, I used to check out the Orthodox boys all the time.  I think it's the following: 1) beards! (I am really a huge fan of facial hair, apparently) 2) they dress nice/cool (I don't need a dude to be the snappiest dresser but I like one with something verging on decent fashion sense; this leaves a lot of room for guys since I think simplicity is sexy as long as you wear it well) 3) there's an intensity in the eyes.  I don't know.  It's enigmatic to say the least.

Anyway, here is a picture of him.  He's one good looking man.