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It should all happen

There are three things that I would like to see happen in 2010:

1) I would like to volunteer to become a story teller for children.  I don't know how I would go about this but I love the idea of being a story teller and I would like to do this even if there is no pay (as I suspect there wouldn't be).  I came up with this idea during a night out with friends.  Late last year I was at a bar/restaurant with some friends.  While we were waiting for a table, I went to the bookstore that was next door and purchased a very cheap collector's edition of Where the Wild Things Are (in addition to a few other things that I had been itching to read).  I came back and everyone giggled at the fact that I bought it.  I told them they shouldn't scoff at it and proceeded to read it outloud.  For whatever reason, I was feeling frisky and decided to give it a performance edge complete with dramatic moments and well placed pauses so that I could show everyone the pictures.  And would you believe that my silly drunken laughing-at-the-whole-thing friends sat there captivated by the story.  At some point I realized that several other people at the bar were also listening and looking at the pictures.  I had an audience.  This was encouraging and just kept on going.  It made me realize how much drunk people were like children.

Anyway, I would like to do this with ACTUAL children.  I think it would be a great experience.  I like reading, I like kids, I've gotten over my performance anxiety.  I think the time is now.

2) I would like to put together a book review/criticism blog and sister podcast.  These days, anyone can do these things so why shouldn't I?  You never know, I could be the Perez Hilton of book reviews.  Just some person sitting in a coffee shop talking about what they like and then WHAM famous!

3) I would like to finish one of my novels.  I realized that while it's great that I have so many ideas, I should probably stick with one idea and go with it.  The most recent one is my top pick at the moment.  Unlike most of my other ideas for novels, it is the most unformed with the least amount of structuring (ironic since it's going to end up being such a structured book, a Choose Your Own Adventure).  I have no idea where the plot is going and I think that's what makes writing it so fun.  And I think that is why it's come out decent so far. 

Also in the past I have set the goal of being published by the end of the year.  This is silly.  I should work on finishing and cleaning before I even consider the next step.  So this year, I am going to take baby steps toward this goal.  I would like to take a shot at getting a short story published.  I have a few that I'm proud of.  So I think I will at least clean those up and then once that is over consider the next step.  No crazy time slot

My other reason for updating is to mention that I have read several great books recently.  The most recent one I am almost finished with.  It's called THE LOTTERY AND OTHER STORIES by Shirley Jackson.  I love Jackson.  She has a great style, great word choice.  She can fill you with dread over the most mundane things. 

Anyway, that's it in my cooky literary world.